Triple your impact at the polls.

Sign up to triple your impact by motivating three other people you know to vote. 

How “vote tripling” works:

1. Enter your information and the first names of three people in your social circle. 

2. Once you’ve filled out the form, you’re committed to getting these people to vote. But, WEA is here to help! We will be in touch with reminders, motivation, and tips on how you can get yourself and your three to the ballot box. 

3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 and recruit additional "vote triplers" to your heart's content. 

Person-to-person encouragement is the most effective way to increase voter turnout in Wyoming. Sign up today to be a “vote tripler” and help us in supporting the candidates supporting education! 

Before you make contact with your three, be sure to check out the Wyoming Education Association Political Action for Education (WEA-PACE) endorsed candidates list. WEA's Candidate Interview Teams across the state have worked tirelessly to determine which candidates value education and which candidates will prioritize students, and education employees, by working to protect and prioritize high-quality education for all Wyoming students.  


Remind me to reach out to these three contacts to encourage them to vote. 

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