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As the COVID-19 pandemic marches into its third year we are all—whether we recognize it or not—operating in a stress state under a burden of collective trauma. Educators have shouldered an incredible burden and continued to serve students in the face of adversity.


It's our aim on this page to provide you with helpful resources to incorporate trauma-informed practices and social-emotional learning (SEL) into your schools, buses, classrooms, cafeterias, and libraries. Trauma-informed education helps students and educators regulate emotional responses and deal with everyday life stressors so that they, and you, are in the best headspace to learn, teach, and grow. 

Earn 15 Hours of Professional Development With NEA's Facilitated Social-Emotional Learning Blended Learning course

NEA’s Social-Emotional Learning Blended Learning courses offer you an online classroom environment with peer-to-peer exchange and instructor feedback. In addition, all NEA online blended learning courses run for six weeks and are facilitated by NEA trained blended learning course instructors—and provide a certificate for 15-hours of professional development upon completion.

  • Courses run February 7 to March 18

  • Registration Closes: January 28, 2022

Disclaimer: NEA Blended Learning course participants are encouraged to review the laws and procedures particular to their home state or country regarding the acceptance of NEA 15 contact hours for professional credit.

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