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Tired of the boom and bust? Make sure the Joint Revenue Committee hears from you!

Wyoming is again suffering through one of its famous and predictable "busts" - a hallmark of our economic plan. We all know it is coming, but we act surprised when it does. It is time to let our legislators know that we won't tolerate another boom and bust that threatens hard working Wyomingites, their families, and our school children.

On Monday and Tuesday, July 8 and 9, the Joint Interim Revenue Committee will be meeting to discuss potential revenue streams to fund the business of running Wyoming - including K-12 education. The meetings will take place at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department beginning at 8:30 a.m. and will be live streamed. Details can be found here:

Of special interest to educators is the conversation on Monday around wind tax. Proponents have suggested the tax be collected to benefit schools, in attempt to alleviate the losses from the decline of coal revenue. On the schedule for Tuesday is a bill entitled "National Retail Fairness Act" which would generate (conservatively) $45 million a year for schools.

Other bills have been proposed to increase property taxes for schools, to increase lodging taxes, and to adjust fuel taxes to match inflation. Over and over again the legislature votes these bills down; how do they expect to pay the bills without any revenue? Wyoming has no income tax, and a family of three pays only $3000 a year in taxes while receiving $27,000 a year in services! The most common solution we hear is to cut spending! There is no more to cut! What would you do without in your school?

It is time for you to let your legislators know you want consistent, reliable funding for education! Please contact the legislators on the "members" tab at the link above, and let them know it is time for them to find solutions that don't hurt our kids!

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