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Governor Gordon Releases Wyoming State Budget Proposal: What Does it Mean for Education?

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Governor Gordon's budget proposal maintains use of the Legislative Stabilization Reserve Act or “rainy day fund” for Wyoming's legislatively-mandated educational needs and allocates funds toward investing in school safety enhancements.

The proposed budget includes an increase of $38 million for the external cost adjustment for Wyoming schools. Governor Gordon’s budget calls for increased funding toward both districts and school construction; stipulating that $238 million be allocated toward school construction—$10 million of which would go toward school safety projects.

Despite fiscal conservatism on the whole, Gordon’s proposed budget also aims to support higher education in Wyoming, supporting a nursing facility at Western Wyoming Community College.

“Governor Gordon’s budget proposal honors Wyoming students’ constitutionally protected, fundamental right to an equitable, high-quality education,” said WEA President Kathy Vetter. “We must continue to advocate for Wyoming students to ensure that—even in the face of rising education costs—the responsible stewardship of our state’s fiscal resources never sacrifices opportunity for our students. Sacrificing on education means sacrificing Wyoming’s future,” said Vetter. “It’s essential that we continue advocating for education throughout the Budget session and ensure that legislators understand and take action on our priority: our schoolchildren.”

See Governor Gordon’s detailed budget proposal here:

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