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Grady Hutcherson 

Seeking: WEA President

grady headshot one.jpg

I am Grady Hutcherson, and I am asking for your continued support in my re-election as WEA President.  I have always been an engaged and active member of the Wyoming Education Association.  I have served at the Local, State, and National level since the beginning of my education career nearly 30 years ago and I have 24 years of teaching experience, most of those being at 2nd grade.  I proudly serve as your WEA president which is an honor and a privilege that I do not take lightly.   I previously served as your WEA Vice President from 2012-2020.  I am an experienced and dedicated leader and have a deep passion for public education.  Our collective voice must continue to be heard as we advocate for our students and for education employees across Wyoming.  Together we can, and we will make a difference!   I kindly ask for your vote and your continued support in my re-election as WEA President.

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