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Help Andi keep her seat at the Statehouse.



We are organizing a major grassroots mobilization day on October 29 to knock on as many doors, call as many phones, and reach as many voters in HD 33 as we can before Election Day and we need everyone who cares about supporting Andi to sign up TODAY.

Yes, I want to help Andi get reelected by doing community outreach on October 29th!

Thanks for submitting!

Our leader and ally

Andi LeBeau

is a proven advocate for Wyoming families. She has the courage to make difficult decisions and to serve the Wyoming People by upholding fairness, justice, and equality.


Re-Elect Andi to House District 33

Vote now through November 8

We deserve leaders with the dedication to learn and understand our priorities. We deserve leaders with the skills, knowledge, and passion for protecting and upholding our priorities. Andi LeBeau is that leader.


A proven, experienced lawmaker Andi has advocated for legislation that:

  •  Protects high-quality, accessible public education

  • Gives a voice to the underrepresented — championing women's rights, children's rights, and the rights of indigenous peoples

  • Opens the door to affordable, quality healthcare for all Wyomingites.

Save the Dates

Andi is hosting key campaign events in Lander on October 29 and November 8! Please attend to show your support! Use the signup form on this page to receive details. 

Paid for by the Wyoming Education Association Political Action Committee for Education (WEA PACE).

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